Protection for your network from the edge to the OS.

AVS has partnered with  the industry leaders in cybersecurity to bring the best solutions to our clients.

Protect small business with enterprise-leading security.

*NGFW protection against viruses, spam, dangerous applications and malicious websites.  Protection that stops the threat before it reaches your computers.

Easy setup—Plug it in, follow a simple set-up wizard and start putting protection in place.
Enterprise grade security—The security technology that protects large organizations is now available for small and medium size organizations as well.

*Out of the box protection—Policies are included that deliver protection immediately, adjustments can be made to tailor policies for your business.
*Secure Wireless Access – Businesses can run their LAN plus have guest access set up
*Securely access your network remotely — Connect from any wireless device remotely through VPN.

Automatic firmware updates
Remote Management of device
User-focused Security Reports
Cloud-based log management
AVS SMB Managed Security Services

Do you lack the expertise or time to manage a security solution?
Don’t rely on your end users to be the last line of defense for your company data.
AVS offers a managed security service that will oversee the ongoing operation. AVS security experts will manage your security, allowing a business to focus on growing the business at a very low monthly cost.

The Managed Security Service offers a simple, all-in-one solution with easy setup:
– Ongoing management through the cloud by AVS security experts
– Continuous automatic security updates and upgrades
– 24×7 customer support.
– Security reports on demand or as requested

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