Microsoft Exchange hosted email service

Business class email that’s managed for you.  You get 24/7 anywhere access with robust built-in security so you can work from anywhere.

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A complete E-mail service is critical for your business to function in todays hi-tech environment.

Exchange email by AVS Computer Services can give your company many advantages to significantly improve the productivity of your staff.

At AVS Computer Services, our hosted e-mail solutions deliver the best of Microsoft Exchange without all the expenses that come along with purchasing, hosting, and managing the software and hardware.  By hosting your e-mail with us, you eliminate all the time and resources normally needed to host your Exchange services, saving your organization time and money.

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What are the benefits of hosted exchange e-mail?

Security – Cloud security provisions are much better than local security provisions.

Complete Scalability – Pay-as-you-go services means you only pay for the services you use each month.

Huge Savings – much lower deployment & maintenance costs.

Increased Productivity – the high availability of our cloud hosted exchange servers help employees become more productive.

Always up to date – with our cloud hosted exchange servers, your company will always have the latest solutions available.


How can I get started?

Once you complete our hosted exchange form, you will be contacted by our customer support team.  We will need to establish a domain with DNS control and minimal paperwork to complete and then exchange will be installed and running in hours, not days.

How long will my email be down during the installation?

It shouldn’t be down at all. Once the Hosted Exchange accounts are set up, new email is redirected and immediately available via webmail. Older emails will be delayed only until they are imported and synchronized to the Hosted Exchange servers.

How does the installation work if there is no IT person on staff?

A technician from AVS Computer Services can  perform all the necessary steps remotely, without a site visit (in most cases) for the installation and migration of emails into our servers.

Is Hosted Exchange compatible with Mac / IOS?

Yes, there is Outlook for Mac, but soem features will work differently that with Windows PC’s.

Is spam filtering provided with this service?

Yes, our Hosted Exchange pricing includes Spam and Antivirus filtering on all incoming and outgoing email.

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