Today we had a business client (WJ) that called our office to find out how we could help him if his laptop was stolen.  The client was on a business trip when someone broke his car window and stole the laptop from the trunk.  The client was pretty sure that everything was lost and he was prepared to start over with a new laptop and none of the valuable data from the lost laptop.

He also didn’t have the make, model or serial number to provide the police department; however, we were able to pull all that information from our cloud monitoring control panel.  This at least gave him a better chance of getting the laptop back if the laptop turns up at the local pawn shop.

After a quick look into our cloud control panel we verified that the client was using our ShareSync cloud service.

WHAT IS SHARESYNC? ShareSync is an enterprise-class cloud file backup and sharing service. ShareSync allows you to back up your files in real-time to protect against data loss due to computer issues or accidental file deletions. ShareSync also allows you to securely access all of your files from any computer, the ShareSync web portal and mobile devices whenever and wherever you need them.

Thanks to our ShareSync data service, all of his important files had been backed up to our cloud in real time and they could be easily retrieved from any computer via web browser.  The ShareSync had backed up his My Documents, Desktop, Pictures and several other key  folders that the client selected when he first signed up for our ShareSync service.

It goes without saying how happy the client was to find that he had lost nothing but the laptop.   We could only dream that all data loss stories ended this way; but they could when you have the right service protecting your valuable data.

Not protecting your data could cause you to lose everything!

Link to our ShareSync here

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