Remote Support

Our support technician with just a few clicks can take over your computer to help solve most problems.  All you need is an internet connection and a functional operating system.


Remote Connection Computer Repair

Stay safe & save money!

In the age of Covid 19 many businesses have had to adjust how they do business. At AVS Computer Services, our core business has always included remote computer repair as one of our preferred options for servicing our clients.

Every day for the past 15 years, we have remotely serviced our client’s computers and networks not just in the Atlanta area but all over country and internationally.  Our knowledge and experience over the years taught us that site visits are not always possible and necessary.  We have found solutions to keep our client’s technology operational even when no internet connection is possible.

Diagnose & Repair

What’s included:

  • Diagnose and analyze the problem
  • Provide Fix and time estimated for repair
  • Virus & Malware removal
  • Stop pop-ups & Improve Security
  • Recommended monitoring and protection to keep your machine safe & secure
  • 50% discount – remote service discount if you subscribe to our monthly Cyber Protect monitoring solution ($10 per month / per computer).
  • The 1st hour billed at $75 per hour, after the 1st hour $60 per hour / 15 min increments.

It only takes a few minutes to get started.

We’ve streamlined our process to make it easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

1. Download the agent for your machine (Windows or MacOs) using the links below and run the installation file.
2. Fill out the form so our remote agent can contact you.
3. Pay for your 1st hour of remote service (online of phone).
That’s all, now in a few minutes our remote agent will take over your machine to solve your problem.

Step 1. Download our remote agent and run the installation your computer (the machine that is having the problem).

AVS Remote Access Download

Windows Remote Access

Downlaod the software and run the install program to allow a technician to take control of your computer.

MacOS Remote Access

Download the software for your Mac computer to allow a technician to remotely take control of your computer.

Our remote access clients allow our technicians to take control of your computer.  Nothing is permantly installed on your machine!

Step 2. Fill out the remote assist contact form.

Remote Assist Contact Form

Step 3. Pay for your 1st hour of remote service.

That’s it, now you can sit back and relax while we take care of your computer problems for you.  “And you didn’t have to leave your house.  Keeping you safe!”.


What People Are Saying

As a premium brand we look for partners that can provide premium support and services.  AVS's knowledge adn quick response times have been invaluable to our business for many years

Johnnny Massey

Brintons US Axminster

In June 2012 we lost our main server which was hosting our Exchange Server and all of our important company data. After 6 days of trying several IT vendors that failed to get our server back online I found AVS Computer Services online (and they just happen to be right around the corner). AVS came over and within hours our email was back online and our server was very quickly restored.  Thank you, AVS!"

JoLynn DaSilva

Grayco Electrical Contractors

Our server had a virus that we need removed. I called AVS in a panic because my server was acting really strange. Vernon came out and fixed the server and returned it the same day. He was awesome!
Cindy King

King Law Group, Suwannee, GA

AVS has been our IT vendor for the past 7 years. They have provided excellent services four our offices throughout the state of Georgia and Florida. Unlike most IT companies, AVS always picks up the phone and are quick to dispatch technicians to problem solve our IT issues. AVS is a company with high integrity.
Sedgrid Lewis

Community Solutions, Inc

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