A few days ago we had a client that uses Windows Server 2012 report a problem with scanning to folders. The client has a Savin 9020 MFP printer that is setup to scan using SMB shared folders on the server. The scanning to folders worked just fine up to a few days ago. After some investigation and troubleshooting with Savin we discovered that the server had been updated with a Microsoft patch to stop the spread of the WannaCry ransomeware virus that was infecting computers world wide. Our troubleshooting included rolling back the server and removing the upadates as well as shutting down the antivirus and firewall to find the root cause. None of these worked to restore the scan to folder operation. We turned to the Microsoft Forum and discovered that one of the patches for the WannaCry virus turned off the SMB v.1 protocol on the server and even if we removed the patch it did not reactivate the SMB v.1 protocol again. After a search on the Microsoft Tech Forum we found the solution for turning the SMB v.1 protocol back on here: Enable and Disable SMB in Winows and Windows Server The Savin MFP is only capable of communication via SMB v.1 which is probably the case with most older MFP’s. We turned the SMB v.1 protocol back on using the powershell command in Windows Server 2012 and now we are scanning to folders again. Hopefully, this will help save someone a lot of time and headaches. YOU’RE WELCOME!
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