SSD VS HDD: What is the difference

SSD VS HDD: What is the Difference

Can you  remember when a hard drive was just a hard drive.  You had to figure out what size you wanted and that was the end of it.  Not anymore.

Now you have to chose between the new Solid State Drives and the normal Hard Disk Drives. 

Hard disk drives (HDD) are made primarily of a magnetic platter.  A mechanical arm moves across the platter  as it spins to read/write 1’s and 0’s to platter.  The process of reading and writing the data is very mechanical on the HDD.

Solid State Drives (SSD) have no mechanical or moving parts and the data is stored on microchips.  This makes the SSD drives more efficient at reading and writing data to and from the drive.  Hard drive failures are reduced greatly by switching to SSD drives.

The SSD drive write and read speeds is much faster than those of the HDD drive.  This will decrease the computer boot time and should improve the performance of the machine greatly.

(Left) HDD with magnetic platter and (Right) SSD drive with microchips

Ready to swap your old HDD out for a new SSD?   We can help you get the SSD drive installed on your desktop or laptop and we will also migrate your Operating System and all files from your HDD.

One price for a new 500 GB SDD, migration from your old drive and setup of your new SSD. (Prices slightly higher for larger drives.

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